My Favorite 13 of 2013

I’ve compiled a list of “My Favorite 13 of 2013”.  These are the top thirteen new things/gadgets/devices that have improved my day-to-day life and made things slightly easier, slightly more straightforward, and slightly better this past year.

I am sharing this list with you because I am a “convincer”.  I am the person who goes to a movie with you and convinces you that it was great.  I am the person who convinces you to try sushi.  I am the person who convinces you to register for a half-marathon.   I don’t take no for an answer and I can be very persistent; some call it stubbornness, I call it stick-to-itiveness.  Perhaps I will convince you that some of these things can improve your 2014 in small ways too.

Here they are, from the least to the most expensive.  You can click on the links to learn more:

1.  Cozi online calendar.

2. ING‘s no-fee chequing account.

3.  Songza.

4.  Lara bars.

5.  BlenderBall wire whisk ball.

6.  Olay Pro-X microdermabrasion kit.

7.  Spiral slicer.

8.  A snow shovel with a metal wearstrip.

9.  Crossfit lifting shoes.

10.  Video baby monitor.

11.  Vitamix blender.

12.  iMac desktop computer.

13.  Hot tub.

These are all consumer goods and services, all First-World items, and mostly middle-class attainable.  You can be sure that I feel lucky to have these things, and I don’t take my good fortune for granted.

happy people take for granted

What’s on your list?

I Resolve, More or Less…

I resolve to read more.

I resolve to watch TV less.

I resolve to trust my intuition more.

I resolve to be upset by other’s choices less.

I resolve to smile at strangers more.

I resolve to be in a rush less.

I resolve to run more.

I resolve to let my ego get in the way less.

I resolve to eat protein and vegetables more.

I resolve to eat sugar less.

I resolve to sleep more.

I resolve to spend wasteful time on the internet less.

I resolve to listen more.

I resolve to interrupt less.

I resolve to worry about the weight on the barbell more.

I resolve to worry about the weight on the scale less.

I resolve to drink water more.

I resolve to drink coffee less.

I resolve to talk to people on the phone more.

I resolve to talk to people via text and email less.

I resolve to ask for help more.

I resolve to do things ‘my way’ less.

I resolve to get a babysitter more.

I resolve to postpone date-night less.

I resolve to meal-plan more.

I resolve to go to the grocery store less.

I resolve to floss my teeth more.

I resolve to think about the next day’s to-do list less.

I resolve to take pictures more.

I resolve to not print pictures less.

I resolve to nurture friendships more.

I resolve to worry about what others think less.

I resolve to do it today more.

I resolve to save it for tomorrow less.

Happy New Year! 2013

Happy New Year!