One of “those people”

Do you have one of “those people” in your lives?  One of those people who believes in you and supports you through all of your choices?  One of those people who has known you from the very beginning, and has helped to influence and shape your life for the better?  One of those people who you have a connection with, who is your cheerleader, with whom you feel stronger at their side?  I had one of “those people” come and visit me last week.  It was my Auntie Carol.  And today is her birthday.

Auntie Carol lives in Alberta, and has not been to visit me for seven years, when she surprised me for my baby shower in 2008.  But I see her at least once a year, when we head West, and we are in frequent communication over email.  She holds such a special place in my heart, and I thought I’d take this public opportunity to share that with all of you.

We took her down to the lake, out for dinner, and to play laser tag.  We went for walks, went for brunch, and went to the library.  We hung pictures on my walls, made my new house feel like home, we laughed and ate cookies.  We had a few chiropractic treatments, a busy four days, and not nearly enough time.  It was wonderful and nostalgic and loving, and it filled up my heart.

If you’re so inclined, leave her a “Happy Birthday” comment below this blog post and make her special day even more so.

I love you Auntie Carol, thanks for coming, and happy birthday.


My parents, my kids, and my wonderful Auntie Carol.