Oh, Gisele.

***This was originally written as a Guest Blog post for Momstown.ca.***

Did you see this photo floating around the internet a couple of months ago?

People seemingly went crazy when Gisele Bundchen (who’s Gisele, you say?  Oh, um, she’s the highest-paid supermodel in the world) posted this photo of her feeding her one-year-old daughter while getting ready for a photo shoot.  She hashtagged it #multi-tasking, which to me, sums up motherhood perfectly.

But Social Media went crazy.  I mean crazy crazy.  And the sad part is, it was mostly the women.  Mostly the mothers.  It was the mothers who skipped past the critics that attacked her for tweeting a breastfeeding photo in the first place.  It was the mothers who skipped past the critics that attacked her for nursing a one-year-old.  It was the mothers who skipped right to the heart of the matter.  It was the mothers who said “she’s not really multi-tasking.  How hard is it to have someone do your hair and your nails while you feed your child?”  Huh?

You see this beautiful photo of a mother nursing her baby and you choose to argue over semantics?  The thing is, hair and nails are a part of her job.  Just like phonecalls and meetings or customers and a cash register are a part of your job.  Would you have criticized her if she was sitting behind a desk #multi-tasking?  Or inside a cubicle?  Or in her home office?  I doubt it.  The green of envy is not a flattering hue.

I see this picture and I see a beautiful example of motherhood.  I see a toddler bonding with her mama.  I see a chance to further breast-feeding activism.  I see glitz and glamour and probably a little tongue-in-cheek.  But mostly, I see a mom doing the best she can, #multi-tasking, within her set of circumstances.

I’m off to do the best I can, within mine.

Oh, Gisele.