Tough Love

I'm here for some tough love today. I work in a sports-based clinic, and while we are by no means an athletes-only environment, we do tend to attract an active population of patients. In fact, active-lifestyle patients are the reason I became a chiropractor in the first place. I had finished my Bachelor of Science …

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We’re creating their “normal.”

My son had a flag football game on Saturday morning.  I snuggled in a blanket on the sidelines with my daughter and we played with colouring books and hand clapping games while we watched him run around.  He's only eight, and his teammates are in the six to eight-year-old range, so it's a bit of organized …

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A Healthy Back

"A Healthy Back: for Crossfit and for LIFE"..... this is the presentation I'm doing at Crossfit Altitude on Thursday evening, (February 6th at 7:00pm).  It's going to be a hands-on, active-participation, lots-of-questions-and-answers event and I've capped the registration at 20 people so that we can have some great learning opportunities and hopefully some 'a-ha' moments. …

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