Sometimes it’s Kinda Magic

My chiropractic practice is very evidence-based.  I don’t do much that I can’t back up with research.  If a muscle is tight I stretch it and if a joint is restricted I adjust it.  I have a broad scope of practice, an analytical diagnostic approach, and a patient-centered model of care.  My ‘I am a Chiropractor‘ post sums me up.  But sometimes I see some magic too.

Like the new patient I had last week who came in to be treated for chronic SI (sacroiliac) joint pain… she reported improvements in her bowel function in conjunction with decreased back pain.

Like when my long-time patient tells me that she used to spend the Winter battling sickness after sickness… she says she’s noticed such an improvement in her immunity since her first adjustment in 2008, that when she starts to feel worn down she immediately books an appointment.

Like when I can physically feel the effects of work stress on my patient’s chronic neck and shoulder pain… he got a new job two weeks ago, and guess what?  His muscle tightness and joint restrictions have nearly disappeared.

Like when I adjust my constipated children and they go to the bathroom within hours… like when they have an earache and I adjust their necks… like when they have a lower respiratory infection and I loosen up their mid-backs… like when I use acupuncture to ease the pain of my husband’s sinus infections.

Sometimes it doesn’t have research to back it up.  But I see it work.

Sometimes it’s kinda magic.