40 Years and YouTube

It’s my husband’s birthday today.  The big 4-0.  We had a party on the weekend to celebrate this milestone, and I was reminded again of what a wonderful, blessed life we lead.  With our house full to the brim with incredible friends and family, I showed a video that I made for him.  Some laughs were had, some tears were shed, some love was felt.

Should I post the video on my blog, I thought?  Should I be that transparent, that open, that honest with the online world?  The answer seemed obvious; to not post it for fear of sharing too much doesn’t make sense.  It’s a tribute to him, to his 40 years, and to the perfect husband/father he is for us.

You can view it HERE.


Happy birthday Chris! xo

Be a Father

With Father’s Day approaching, I was going through my old blog posts to see what I had written about previously in regards to dads, daughters, and husbands.  There’s no re-dos here in blog land.

But this year, Father’s Day has shifted a bit for me.  You see, there’s a little boy in our lives who recently lost his dad to cancer.  And he’s all I can think about.  He’s five years old.  Five.  The same age as my son.  We’ve tried to help- we’ve made meals, we’ve taken him on day trips, we’ve hosted playdates.  We’ve wrestled with him, blown bubbles, went golfing, and watched a movie.  We’ve been inquisitive and interested and protective and loving.  But we’re not his dad, and his hurt is fresh.

So, this Father’s Day, I challenge you, men and women alike, to ‘be a father’.
Be kind.
Be present.
Be supportive.
Be a teacher.
Be brave.
Be helpful.
Be a listener.
Be fun.
Be loving.
Be loved.


Happy Father’s Day.