And next week, I promise more than a BlueJays logo.


Well, I’m not quite sure how to followup what happened last night.  There was just that tiny goings-on of the Federal election and that other tiny happening of the BlueJay game.  It was kind of a big night for Canadians.  I was up very, very late, and my alarm went off very, very early.  So, like many of you, I will be fueled by caffeine and sugar today.  Paleo, what?

But if I write much about the election I am bound to get myself into trouble (the whole politics and religion thing at the dinner table, remember?  This blog is my dinner table and you and I are just sitting down for the appetizer.), and if I write much about the BlueJays, well, you already know my stance on that.  But it seems remiss to write about anything other than the above-mentioned topics, since my posts come from a place of genuine interest.  So there we have it, a rock and a hard place.

I will just post this, since I’M GOING TO GAME 4 TODAY and it’s at the top of my mind.


And next week, I promise more than a BlueJays logo.