This New Year, Change Your Normal

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With the New Year upon us, it seems that the online world has exploded with ‘Top 5 Ways to Get Fit’ posts.  This is not one of those posts.

You see, I believe the way to get fit is to be fit as a child and then stay fit as an adult.  Huh?  Yep, that’s my theory: it’s easier to stay fit than it is to get fit.

Every year, people all over the world make resolutions to get fit on January 1st.  Often, these resolutions hold true for a month or two, and then the ‘get fit’ goal slips by the wayside.  This is made quite clear in a big-box gym parking lot that is full in January and empty in March.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t resolve to get fit, in fact, I hope that you do.  Write it down, broadcast it, tell your friends.  Make it your goal.  But I hope that rather than saying ‘My resolution is to get in shape’, you say ‘My resolution is to change my lifestyle to make being in shape a normal part of life for my children’.  See the difference?

So on Sunday morning, go for a run with your children.  Put them in a stroller or on a bike and let them see you sweat.  Let them see you get winded and take walk breaks and drink water.  Let them see how good you feel afterwards.  Take them for walks and swims and skates.  Take them sledding and canoeing and hiking.  Take them to high-school basketball games, community road races, and charity hockey games so that they can see other people being active and enjoying it.  Make exercise a part of their life rather than a chore on their to-do list.

Normalcy is grown in childhood and accepted in adulthood.  Change your normal.


This picture makes me think of warmer days gone by…

I Resolve, More or Less…

I resolve to read more.

I resolve to watch TV less.

I resolve to trust my intuition more.

I resolve to be upset by other’s choices less.

I resolve to smile at strangers more.

I resolve to be in a rush less.

I resolve to run more.

I resolve to let my ego get in the way less.

I resolve to eat protein and vegetables more.

I resolve to eat sugar less.

I resolve to sleep more.

I resolve to spend wasteful time on the internet less.

I resolve to listen more.

I resolve to interrupt less.

I resolve to worry about the weight on the barbell more.

I resolve to worry about the weight on the scale less.

I resolve to drink water more.

I resolve to drink coffee less.

I resolve to talk to people on the phone more.

I resolve to talk to people via text and email less.

I resolve to ask for help more.

I resolve to do things ‘my way’ less.

I resolve to get a babysitter more.

I resolve to postpone date-night less.

I resolve to meal-plan more.

I resolve to go to the grocery store less.

I resolve to floss my teeth more.

I resolve to think about the next day’s to-do list less.

I resolve to take pictures more.

I resolve to not print pictures less.

I resolve to nurture friendships more.

I resolve to worry about what others think less.

I resolve to do it today more.

I resolve to save it for tomorrow less.

Happy New Year! 2013

Happy New Year!