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It’s April! It’s sports!

I live in a competitive household.  Case in point, the recent CrossFit Open competition that my husband and I participated in.  I won.  Ahem.  Cough, cough.

The upcoming NHL playoffs bring out our competitive nature as well, especially since our loyalties lie on polar opposite ends of the fan spectrum.  I’m from Southern Alberta, and the Flames are my team, while he’s a true-blue Leaf fan, born and raised in the GTA, where Stanley Cup parades are planned every October.  Our children are not immune to this rivalry, and they’ve staunchly aligned themselves with their same-gendered parent, although my five-year-old daughter has been known to change her team weekly.  Her Uncle’s influence makes her a current Oiler fan.  I often joke about how my husband says the kids can “cheer for any team they like,” and then boos and moans if that team is any other than the blue and white.

But the reality is, April is the best sports month of the year.  The Flames have clinched, and we might have six Canadian teams lacing up in the playoffs.  Let’s not forget the Raptors, who’ve also guaranteed themselves a spot in the NBA post-season.  The BlueJays have just begun, it’s Master’s weekend ahead, the Boston Marathon runs on April 17th, and the NCAA basketball champion was crowned last night.  Whew!  ‘Tis a great time to be a sports fan.

And if you need another visual, take a look at our rainy driveway this morning: a Leaf flag on his car, a Flames flag on mine.  

“Being a sports fan is a complex matter, in part irrational but not unworthy; a relief from the seriousness of the real world, with its unending pressures and often grave obligations.” ~ Richard Gilman  

#goJaysgo #goFlamesgo 

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Game 4

If you follow my blog, or know me personally, you will know that I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan.  I grew up in a very sporty family, and even got to go to a game (all the way from lil’ ol’ rural Alberta) in 1993, when the last wave of Blue Jay fever was gripping Canadians.

I met my Jays-loving husband in 2004, and we have been to a game or two every year since, and started taking our children to games every Summer since they were tiny babes.  This year, we’ve upped our fanship significantly; we’ve probably watched 50 games on TV and been to five regular season games up close and personal.  Our children both have Blue Jays posters on their bedroom walls, my son can name every player, number, and position, and my four-year-old daughter will happily tell you every pitcher on the roster and how Osuna is mommy’s favourite.  We play backyard baseball in rain or shine, argue over the strike zone at our local ball diamond, and talk Blue Jays over breakfast nearly every day.  Am I painting a picture for you?  You see, we’re all in.

That’s why today is such a special day.

We’re taking our kids to the ALCS Game 4 this afternoon.  And the best part is, they don’t even know it yet; it’s a complete surprise.

It’s quite a surprise to me too, as the possibility of going to this game wasn’t even on our radar until yesterday.  But I don’t work on Tuesday afternoons, and a 4:08pm first pitch works well for families.  “This is our chance to take them to a playoff game,” I texted my husband.  “Let’s do it,” he said.

So, with falling prices on StubHub and a slightly early school pickup, we’ll be there this afternoon.  We’re raising sports fans, and this experience won’t be forgotten by any of us anytime soon.

This is #OurMoment.


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I Cried When I Saw Hayley

The obvious choice for a blog topic this week is the Olympics.  With every blogger in cyberspace writing about the athlete’s behind-the-scenes, or medal counts, or the Canadian Olympic program development, I need to admit to something: I cried when I saw Hayley Wickenheiser carrying the flag as Team Canada entered Olympic Stadium. 

Now I am emotional by nature, “dramatic” some may say, and that trait has only increased with age.  Somehow that moment, those images, really grabbed hold of me and choked me up.  I was sitting with my two young children, having lunch and watching the Opening Ceremonies.  February 7th was circled on our calendar with great anticipation, and I had already told my kids about Olympic competition and showed them where Russia was on the map (“Mom, Russia is the biggest country and Canada is the second biggest, I saw it on Grandpa’s map already” said my five-year-old.  Ahem, well excuse me.).  So when the Parade of Athletes began, we already had our Canadian flags ready to go.  And then Hayley walked in waving the red and white.

What is it about the power of sport that brings out such emotion?  Is it the memories of spending childhood Winters in the arena and Summers at the golf course?  Is it the feelings of teamwork, sportsmanship, and togetherness that I’ve felt throughout my life in all aspects of sport?  Is it the fact that I’ve found my spouse, my career, and my passions all directly or indirectly through sport?

Maybe it’s all of those things.   Maybe it’s none.  Maybe it’s just good ol’ Canadian pride.  Whatever it is, it makes me cry.  Don’t sit next to me to watch the Closing Ceremonies.  I’ll be even worse.


hayley opening ceremonies

***You can see the influence of sport happening early in our house here,
as evidenced by my 1-year-old’s lunch-covered ramblings.***

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