It was a good weekend.

I love school.  I love sharp pencils and blank notebooks just waiting to be written on.  I used to love the promise of September, of a new school year with new projects and new challenges.  I have eight years of post-secondary education under my belt, and I would happily go back for more if I thought my busy life could juggle it.  But that’s not in the cards for me in the foreseeable future, so for now, continuing education seminars are the “school” that meets that need.

RCCSSI attended one such seminar this past weekend.  It was the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences annual conference.  Quite the title, no?  I’ve been to this conference before, and I love it every year.  This year’s theme was “Train Smarter,” and we listened to wonderful presenters like Mark Rippetoe, Christian Thibaudeau, and Dr. Andreo Spina talk about training, performance, and movement.  Two days of bliss, where I could sit with my sharpened pencil and my new notebook and soak up new ways of thinking and new forms of inspiration

But you know what was the best part?  You guessed it, it was the people.  It was being called “Ash” and saying “remember when?”, seeing classmates I haven’t seen in years and spending time with like-minded colleagues.  It was a sense of belonging in a very male-dominated field and a shared interest in all things sport and athlete and treatment and research.  I love my job and my patients and my hands-on practice, and it is events like these that keep me motivated to continually improve, to learn more, to question more, to master more, to progress more.

It was a good weekend.



Running Does That.

I ran 20.5km yesterday.  It was the last long run scheduled before my half marathon (21.1km) on March 3rd.  From here on in, I’m in taper mode to allow my body to rest and recover from the past 14 weeks of run-specific training I’ve been doing.

I’m taking a completely different approach this time around.  I come from a distance-running background, and up until about 5 years ago, I was a run-only kind of runner; 100km weeks were common and strength training was non-existent.  I trained with a couple of super-fast chiropractic classmates, chasing them for mile after mile until I became faster too. I ran five full marathons and a couple dozen half marathons this way.  I PR’d my half marathon and ran Boston.  Running was, and still is, a huge part of who I am.

Enter career.  Enter babies.  Goals change.  Priorities shift.

This time around, I am running once/week.  One long run per week, that started with just 6km on November 10th and peaked at 20.5km yesterday.  But, I am also going to Crossfit 3-4 times/week and feeling strong.  I won’t be setting any personal records on March 3rd, but it will be my first half marathon in 5 years.  My first half marathon as a mother.  My first half marathon with changed goals and shifted priorities.

My running partner asked me why I chose to sign up for this race now, after a 5-year hiatus from distance-running.  I chose to sign up because of my history, my addiction, and my passion for the sport.  Running does that.  I chose to sign up because I wanted my kids to see their mama be a part of something inspiring.  Running does that.  I chose to sign up because I wanted to feel that personal sense of accomplishment.  Running does that.

Oh, and those chiropractic classmates that I used to chase?  They were both in my wedding party and are two of my forever friends.  And one of them will be beside me for every step on March 3rd.  Running does that too.

“Believe that you can run farther or faster.  Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do.  Don’t let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.”

~John Bingham