Lance Armstrong and Me: the Online Experience

Why start a blog?  For me, the starting point was Lance Armstrong. 

I had been considering starting a blog for a while to discuss things related to my profession (chiropractic) and my passions (health, fitness, family), but Lance’s website spurred me on.  I Googled myself to see if there were any other Dr. Worobecs out there, and lo and behold, I found myself referenced on the LIVESTRONG site!  (As an aside, if you have never Googled yourself, do it!  You’ll be amazed how much of your life is on the internet.)  That was the push I needed….there are no other Dr. Worobecs out there and the Livestrong people had faith in me (said tongue-in-cheek, of course!)- I needed more of an online presence!

So here is, my attempt to merge information and opinion in an interesting, thought-provoking, conversation-starting way.  I’ll be blogging weekly, so stay tuned….. and let me know what you think!

*** Here’s a little Ashley/Lance trivia for you:  In November 2010, I was in Austin, TX, for my best friend Sarah’s wedding and I visited Mellow Johnny’s, Lance’s bikeshop.  Mellow Johnny’s is a play-on-words of the French ‘maillot jaune’, or ‘yellow jersey’ for which Lance is famous for wearing on the Tour.

At a good ol’ fashioned Texas BBQ joint in Austin

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