Great Friends

I don’t like the term ‘best friend’.  No, I don’t hate puppies and babies and rainbows too, let me explain my stance on this one.  I think that ‘best friend’  doesn’t promote the friendly, inclusive atmosphere that I want to provide for my children.  Instead, I use the term ‘great friend’.  By communicating to my 3-year-old son that his cousin is a great friend of his, I hope he will see that he can have many great friends, without a ranking system.  I’m lucky to have many great friends in my life.

Here’s what friends, and great friends, do:

A friend is there to help out in a crisis.  A great friend brings red wine and chocolate and sits on my couch for a talk and a cry.

A friend is someone I can go for a run with.  A great friend goes for that run at 6am if that’s the only time that will work for us both.

A friend will ask me if I want a coffee.  A great friend will know that I never turn down a coffee.

A friend will look after my kids for an hour if I have an appointment.  A great friend will suggest babysitting so my husband and I can get in a datenight.

A friend will tell me they like my shirt.  A great friend will go shopping with me and help me choose a shirt.

A friend will stay in touch.  A great friend will pick up exactly where they left off, whether they’ve been in touch or not.

A friend will comment on my Facebook photos.  A great friend will know the stories behind those photos.

A friend will ask me how work has been going.  A great friend will be texting me during my downtime at work.

A friend will wish me a happy birthday.  A great friend will laugh about birthday stories of year’s gone by.

A friend will ask me how I’m doing.  A great friend will already know the answer.

These are my great friends. And this was the last time all six of us were together- July 15/06- eek!

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