Oh, the Running Bug…

It strikes me every Fall.  Each year, when the leaves start to display their spectacular yellows, oranges, and reds- especially the reds.  The running bug sneaks right up and bites me.  When I close my eyes, I can almost feel the crisp Autumn air in my lungs, I can almost hear the crunch of leaves beneath my shoes, and I can almost smell the familiar scent of wood-chipped trails.

Running has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember.  From cross-country meets in Junior High, to the University of Calgary Dinos, to marathons, and now to 5K’s with my kids in the Baby Jogger, it’s been something that has helped to define the person I am today.

What else has running done for me?

It’s given me time to think.  It’s given me time to mourn.  It’s given me time to dream.  It’s given me time to cry.  It’s given me time to smile.

It’s helped my lungs to get stronger.  It’s helped my legs to get more powerful. It’s helped my body to get healthier.  It’s helped my mind to get tougher.  It’s helped my head to get clearer.

It’s taught my kids that exercise is a part of life.  It’s taught my husband that I’m a competitor.  It’s taught my parents that it’s part of my routine.  It’s taught my friends that running is a part of who I am.

It’s developed my character.  It’s developed my independence.  It’s developed my determination.  It’s developed my perseverance.  It’s developed my sense of achievement.

It’s made me a better wife.  It’s made me a better mom.  It’s made me a better chiropractor.  It’s made me a better friend.  It’s made me a better person.

The running bug has made me register for both the Chilly Half Marathon in March and the 10-mile Tough Mudder in May.  What has the running bug done to you?

Grade 10 cross-country meets at Sundre High School.

Hitting the wall at 35km in the Calgary marathon (my first one). Thanks for the water spray Dad!!!

Ready to take on the Boston marathon- April/2003.

Proud to get my sub-3:30 cake with the Burlington Runner’s Club!

The Santa 5k, with baby jogger in tow.

The Terry Fox Run, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Oh, the Running Bug…

  1. Michaela

    Yay Ash! Love this post. It is awesome to see the evolution of running in your life. Each phase so valuable for its own reasons. I hope to see you at the Chilly half, It would be special to be out there together again-almost a decade ago since our last half together. Love you running buddy and forever friend! xo

    • Yes, yes, yes! I don’t think we’ve been in the same Half since Mississauga in ’04! And I’m thinking our times might be somewhat different than they were then??!! 😉

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