The Magic of Christmas through the Magic of Children

The magic of Christmas is in full swing around our house.

With a son who’s nearly four, and a nine-month-old baby girl who gets excited about everything, we’ve been in festive-mode for weeks.  Our lights are up.  Our cookies are baked.  Our Santa letters are written.  Our presents are bought and wrapped.  And next weekend, we’ll make the trek to a tree farm to cut down our own tree, a la Chevy Chase’s ‘Christmas vacation‘.  I’ve always loved the holiday season, and my Christmas memories from childhood involve the warmth of my parent’s house, the twinkle of lights on the tree, the excitement of family get-togethers, and the anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

These days, I’m in the business of making holiday memories for my children, while cherishing moments that pass all too quickly.  There is such a small window of time when children are old enough to ‘get’ the idea of Santa, and yet young enough to believe.  We’re talking six or seven years- maybe eight if you’re lucky.

That’s only six or seven Christmases of innocent, curious questions:

  • Where will Santa park his sleigh?
  • How will Santa get in if we don’t have a chimney?
  • Will his gloves make his hands too slippery to open the front door?
  • Do reindeer like to eat carrots?
  • How many sleeps until Christmas?

That’s only six or seven Christmases for ‘Mall Santa’ photos:

Christmas 2009.  Not a fan.

Christmas 2009: Not a fan.

Christmas 2010.  Not a fan.

Christmas 2010: Still not a fan.

Christmas 2011.  Coming around...

Christmas 2011: Coming around to the idea of Santa…

Christmas 2012.  An old pro showing his sister how it's done!

Christmas 2012: An old pro showing his sister how it’s done!

That’s only six or seven Christmases of whole-hearted enthusiasm for our family’s Christmas traditions:

We’re right in the thick of it.  So for these six or seven Christmases, I’m soaking up as much magic as I can.  Because these two little bugs make me a believer.

kids Sarah Martin

Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “The Magic of Christmas through the Magic of Children

  1. Erick & Carol Landmark

    Hi, Ash! Your Christmas blog really brought back memories of ‘Santa experiences’ plus activities, making cookies, gingerbread houses etc.! Cuuute pics of Drew and the one of ‘the two’! It’s a very hectic and fun time in your lives! Enjoy every minute!

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