This Thing Called ‘The Open’

Maybe you’ve heard of the Crossfit Open.  Maybe you haven’t.  But I want to inspire you, I want to motivate you, I want to raise your spirits.  So let me tell you about this thing called ‘The Open’.

crossfit-logo-games-blackThe Crossfit Open is a worldwide competition in which 130 000 Crossfitters have registered, paid their $20, and are completing one workout per week for five weeks (we just finished week 3), as dictated by Crossfit Headquarters.  Competitors submit their scores to an online leaderboard and the fun begins.  Top-scoring competitors will advance to their respective Regional competitions, with the ultimate  goal being to qualify for the Crossfit Games, the ‘Olympics of Crossfit’, in California in July.

Although I’ve been Crossfitting for three years, this is the first time I’ve entered the Open, as I’ve always been very pregnant or newly post-partum in year’s past.  And as an average Crossfitter, I will definitely not advance to Regionals.  But a funny thing has happened along the way.  I have gotten really into it.  No, I mean really into it.  I’ve bookmarked the Crossfit Games leaderboard on my computer, I watch elite competitor’s video submissions, I get nervous on Tuesdays for Wednesday’s workout announcement, and I check the scores of people I know and names I recognize.

It’s shown me what I’m physically capable of.

It’s shown me what I’m mentally capable of.

It’s made me feel like part of a team, through accountability, support, and friendship.

It’s made me feel pride in myself and confidence in my abilities.

It’s made me strong, healthy, inspired, and hopeful.

It’s made me cry, it’s made me laugh, it’s made me scared, it’s made me excited.

It’s broken me down and built me right back up.

But this post is not about the Crossfit Open.  This post is about challenging yourself.  This post is about stepping outside of your comfort zone.  This post is about changing the impossible to the possible.  So challenge yourself.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Change the possibilities.  And see what happens.


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