Girls: Meet Tara. Meet Jenny.

I have just become aware of a wonderful new observance put forth by the United Nations, called “International Day of the Girl Child“.  This year’s October 11th commemoration focused on “innovating for girl’s education”.

Girls, let me introduce you to two remarkable women, one of whom is my cousin (Tara), and the other I went to High School with (Jenny).  I hope that these examples of smart, strong, exceptional women can be an inspiration for you, as they are for me.

Meet Tara.


Yesterday, she was elected Mayor of Red Deer, Alberta.  She’s 35.  She’s been a Red Deer City Councillor for three consecutive terms, the first of which occurred when she was just 26.  She is a leader, an innovator, and an incredible example of believing in yourself.

Meet Jenny.


She’s a Pediatric Neurosurgeon.  She’s also 35.  She’s the first woman ever to graduate from the University of Alberta’s Neurosurgery program.  She is smart, she’s a hard worker, and she has climbed her way through a vastly male-dominated profession.

So I’ll say it again, girls.  Meet Tara.  Meet Jenny.  Now be like them.  Get an education, be your best, follow your dreams.  Oh, and dream BIG.

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