Burlington, I’m talking to you.  Geneva Park Drive, I’m talking to you.  Guelph Line, Cardiff Crescent, Fairview Street, I’m talking to you.  Regal Road, I’m especially talking to you.  I’m telling you there’s hope.

cqj2b-stories-of-hope Remember last Summer, when Calgary was hit by a hundred-year flood that devastated the city?  Remember when the rains poured in, the rivers raged, and the devastation grew?  Remember how the community pulled together, neighbours rallied, government stepped up, and people helped?  I do.  I remember, because some of my best friends were hit the very hardest:

Their basement completely submerged?  Yep.


Yard underwater, unsafe, and unusable?  Yep.


Contents destroyed, financial disarray, memories lost?  Yep.

Sludge and sewage and nastiness everywhere?  Yep, yep, and yep.


They’ve been there.  Calgary and many other Southern Alberta communities were right where you are now, only a year ago.  And they made it.  They rallied, they worked, they fought, they cried.  And here they are, on the other side:


And you will be too.

We are here for you.


***For those not aware of the Burlington, Ontario, flood that occurred on Monday, August 4th/2014,
you can read more information here, here, and here.
You can donate HERE.***


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