Project Winter

My kids are now 6 and 3, rounding the bend to 7 and 4.  Beyond the baby stage, there’s no more naps, no more diapers, no more babies in our house.  And while I may or may not have cried when we took down the crib last year, I am excited for what this new chapter of parenthood brings.  Enter skiing.

I grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and skied many times a year.  But I wouldn’t say that it ever became a passion of mine; I do love the outdoors and the exercise and the scenery, but the actual skiing part is a medium on my list of loves.  And lately, my distaste for Winter has grown.  You would think that an Alberta-girl would be used to sub-zero temperatures, but my theory is that I got my quota of Winter as a child….. these days I freeze solid in November and don’t thaw out until April.  “Embrace the winter,” my mother says, “there’s nothing you can do to change it.”  Sigh, I’m trying.

You probably already know my views on keeping kids active, and skiing seems like the perfect way to accomplish that goal through our long Canadian winters.  Plus it’s a great lifetime sport, a way to have fun together, and a justifiable excuse for hot chocolate in a ski chalet.  So we’ve made the investment.  My husband and I just purchased full ski gear (Merry Christmas to us!) that we hope will last for many years (as did my previous 1989 Salomons), and we plan to rent equipment for the kids for this, our inaugural ski season.

I’m calling it “Project Winter” and we’ll see who wins the battle between myself and Mother Nature.  We’re embarking on the ski-family journey of two hours to get ready, three runs on the bunny hill, forty-five minutes to complete a bathroom break, and sleeping kids on the drive home.  And if you see my husband, ask him about the time I left him stranded on a ledge at Sunshine Village in Banff….. on the day he proposed…..


2 thoughts on “Project Winter

  1. carol landmark

    Hi, Ashley, you certainly will have lots of Fun Times on the slopes with your kids!
    I never did hear the story of you ‘stranding’ Chris on the ledge, you’ll have to fill me in on that!

    It feels like winter and Christmas now, we have a little bit of snow the past day or so.
    My trip to Burlington put me in the mood when you took me to the Santa Parade in Hamilton!
    That was a unique, fun experience! Thank you so much, for that and everything else you treated me to!

    xo, Auntie C.

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