Just like us.

It’s been ten years.

My husband and I celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary on Friday, July 15th.


We were just pups when we got married (okay, I was a pup, he was an older pup), and our life has grown beyond our wildest dreams.  In fact, my wildest dreams have always been vague notions rather than knowing exactly what the end result would be.  But here we are, in a life we could never have imagined and are ever so thankful for.

I’ve written about my husband many times, and in fact, I wrote an eight-year anniversary post in 2014, so I won’t reinvent the wheel.  But I’m better with the written word than the spoken word, so this seems like the natural place to shout my feelings from the rooftops.  And since he’s my editor, he’ll read this first and he’ll smile.  And that’s really what life’s all about, isn’t it?  Smiles.

Company is coming to visit on Thursday.  I love having out-of-town guests because it means a full house, lots of food in the fridge, and backyard laughs with no timelines.  We’re hosting two sets of friends and family, back to back, and we’ll sneak away on Friday night, in between one crew leaving and one crew arriving, and have a laid-back dinner, just the two of us.  It’ll be close to home so we can walk, big portions so we can eat, and a quiet setting so we can talk.  Comfortable, low-key, content.  Just like us.

Us is better than he and I.  And I am far better because of him.



6 thoughts on “Just like us.

  1. Mom and Dad

    Congratulations! Hard to believe 10 years have passed! Wishing you many more happy, healthy years together! 🍷💥🎉

  2. Erick Landmark

    Very nicely written, Ash, you and Chris know what’s really important in Life!

    Seems like barely 5 years since we celebrated a beautiful marriage on the scenic riverbank at Sundre. I can see how time has gone when I look at the pictures and see how our 4 grandchildren have grown (and now we have 6!)

    Congratulations to the Two of You, may the next 10 years be just as wonderful for you!! Have a wonderful Day!!

    xo, Auntie C., Uncle E.

  3. Mr. M

    A few days early, however congratulations to the two of you on your 10th anniversary on the 15th. I wish the two a wonderful life of happiness and fun in your lives and with the kids and the grandkids when they arrive. As for dinner on the weekend, you could walk to Tim’s and have one of their new meal items and then walk it off on the way home. Have a nice 10th Anniversary Ashely and Chris.

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