It was a good weekend.

I love school.  I love sharp pencils and blank notebooks just waiting to be written on.  I used to love the promise of September, of a new school year with new projects and new challenges.  I have eight years of post-secondary education under my belt, and I would happily go back for more if I thought my busy life could juggle it.  But that’s not in the cards for me in the foreseeable future, so for now, continuing education seminars are the “school” that meets that need.

RCCSSI attended one such seminar this past weekend.  It was the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences annual conference.  Quite the title, no?  I’ve been to this conference before, and I love it every year.  This year’s theme was “Train Smarter,” and we listened to wonderful presenters like Mark Rippetoe, Christian Thibaudeau, and Dr. Andreo Spina talk about training, performance, and movement.  Two days of bliss, where I could sit with my sharpened pencil and my new notebook and soak up new ways of thinking and new forms of inspiration

But you know what was the best part?  You guessed it, it was the people.  It was being called “Ash” and saying “remember when?”, seeing classmates I haven’t seen in years and spending time with like-minded colleagues.  It was a sense of belonging in a very male-dominated field and a shared interest in all things sport and athlete and treatment and research.  I love my job and my patients and my hands-on practice, and it is events like these that keep me motivated to continually improve, to learn more, to question more, to master more, to progress more.

It was a good weekend.



Do You Want to Run Faster?

This past weekend, I attended the RCCSS’s (Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences) Run Faster Conference.  It was full of learning, thinking, and engaging presentations, with a line-up of presenters at the top of their fields.  It made me want to ‘Run Faster’, and it certainly made me want to help you to ‘Run Faster’.  I can’t possibly summarize a weekend of knowledge in one blog post, but here are some quotes that resonated with me, and perhaps they’ll do the same for you:

Dr. Mike Young, “The Science of Speed” and running biomechanics:

  • “We don’t innately run perfectly.”

Wes Moerman, “Integration for Performance” from a coach’s perspective:

  • “Athlete health is a key to sustained development.  Missed sessions are better than missed periods of time.”

Dr. Jeff Cubos, “Integration of Treatment for Performance” from a therapist’s perspective:

  • “Treatment is any type of intervention that creates adaptation.”

Dr. Judy Goss, “Sports Psychology for Performance and Injury Recovery”:

  • “You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Dr. Reed Ferber, “Biomechanics for Injury Prevention and Performance”:

  • You need to have “daily positive stress”; do something every day that’s positive that stresses your body.

Dr. John Berardi, “Nutrition for Performance and Injury Recovery”:

  • “Resting metabolic rate (RMR) can increase 15-50% during injury”; don’t under-eat when you are injured.

Blaise Dubois, “Running Shoes: The Science and the Controversy”:

  • “Comfort is key.”

Dr. Alex Hutchinson, “The Science of Performance” and “The New Recovery”:

  • “Prevention works better than cure.”

Jason Dunkerley, “Motivation and Performance”:

  • “We need to re-define challenges.”

I’ve included links to all of the speakers above, so if you’re interested in a particular topic, I encourage you to click and read more about them.  As always, if you have a question about something I’ve written, please let me know; you can find me here, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy running!


Yeehaw, eh?

The Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences is putting on a conference this upcoming weekend, the ‘Run Faster’ conference.  conference-logo-and-abilities-centre-white-bottomIf you said this sounds like it would be right up my alley, well then, you would be correct.  But it’s not just because of the Chiropractic Sports Sciences part, which I love, and it’s not just because of the running part, which I also love… it’s because this conference has opened up friendship opportunities abound.

You see, I am lucky to have some incredible friends in my life.  And my girlfriends mean the world to me.  They are the sisters I never had, the shoulders to cry on, the ears to listen, and the arms to hug.  However, since some of my very best friends live very far away, their shoulders and ears and arms are usually via text or email or Skype.  This weekend has changed that.

One friend in particular…. you may remember Ange…. has not had a chance to visit in the six years since we shared a city.  She has not hugged my toddler, or seen my house, or met my dog.  We have not gone out for dinner, or laughed until we cried, or shared unspoken smiles in six years.  Sure, there’s been short visits when I’ve headed West for Christmas or Summer vacation, but they are always rushed and kid-filled and oh-so-short.  This time is different, this time we have time.

And in a worlds-colliding sort of way, Ange is going to meet her Burlington counterpart in my neighbour Marnie.  The similarities between these two, both big (just-turned-forty 1973 birthdays, opinionated, and mothers of girls) and small (passionate about environmentally-sound products, awesomely-unruly curly hair, and good-natured insult banter with my husband) are some of the reasons that I love them both.

Ange is my Western Marnie and Marnie is my Eastern Ange.  Yeehaw, eh?