Do You Want to Run Faster?

This past weekend, I attended the RCCSS’s (Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences) Run Faster Conference.  It was full of learning, thinking, and engaging presentations, with a line-up of presenters at the top of their fields.  It made me want to ‘Run Faster’, and it certainly made me want to help you to ‘Run Faster’.  I can’t possibly summarize a weekend of knowledge in one blog post, but here are some quotes that resonated with me, and perhaps they’ll do the same for you:

Dr. Mike Young, “The Science of Speed” and running biomechanics:

  • “We don’t innately run perfectly.”

Wes Moerman, “Integration for Performance” from a coach’s perspective:

  • “Athlete health is a key to sustained development.  Missed sessions are better than missed periods of time.”

Dr. Jeff Cubos, “Integration of Treatment for Performance” from a therapist’s perspective:

  • “Treatment is any type of intervention that creates adaptation.”

Dr. Judy Goss, “Sports Psychology for Performance and Injury Recovery”:

  • “You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Dr. Reed Ferber, “Biomechanics for Injury Prevention and Performance”:

  • You need to have “daily positive stress”; do something every day that’s positive that stresses your body.

Dr. John Berardi, “Nutrition for Performance and Injury Recovery”:

  • “Resting metabolic rate (RMR) can increase 15-50% during injury”; don’t under-eat when you are injured.

Blaise Dubois, “Running Shoes: The Science and the Controversy”:

  • “Comfort is key.”

Dr. Alex Hutchinson, “The Science of Performance” and “The New Recovery”:

  • “Prevention works better than cure.”

Jason Dunkerley, “Motivation and Performance”:

  • “We need to re-define challenges.”

I’ve included links to all of the speakers above, so if you’re interested in a particular topic, I encourage you to click and read more about them.  As always, if you have a question about something I’ve written, please let me know; you can find me here, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy running!


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