The people.

I suppose this graphic nicely sums up my Pan Am torch relay experience:


Carrying the torch through Burlington on Friday night was certainly one of those “moments.”  A moment that won’t soon be forgotten.  And you know what the best part was?  The people.

The people who lined the streets as the shuttle bus dropped off torchbearers one by one, every 200m along the route.  The people who held Canada flags and Pan Am signs and children on their shoulders.  The people who came down in droves to catch a glimpse of the flame as it made it’s way along Spencer Smith Park.  The people who cheered me on as I walked behind the always-impressive Teen Tour Band.  The people who hugged me and took my picture and thanked me for representing Burlington.  The people in my community.

It was you, the people.  You are what made it so special, such an honour, and a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Thank you.

If you’d like to see the torch up close and personal, please stop by Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic, where it’s proudly displayed.

I’m Burlington’s Pan Am Community Torchbearer!

Um….. I WAS VOTED BURLINGTON’S PAN AM COMMUNITY TORCHBEARER!  I have held in this secret for two very loooooong months.  I found out about this result soon after voting closed in late January, but I wasn’t able to share the news with anyone until the Pan Am Games made their official announcement, which they did last week.

Believe me, this was a hard secret to keep.

The torch will pass through Burlington on Friday, June 19th, although I don’t know many more details than that.  This is what I do know:

Where:  Spencer Smith Park; this also happens to be the Sound of Music Festival weekend.
Length of run:  200m (and here I was hoping for a 5k! Ha!)
And:  Burlington is listed as one of Pan Am’s “Major Celebration cities.”

So to you, my readers, my patients, my family, my friends:  I thank you for granting me this incredible opportunity. And to you, Marnie, my friend, my neighbour, my nominator, thank you for igniting the spark for all of this to happen.

Mark June 19th on your calendars.

And come join me along the torch route as we celebrate the Pan Am spirit of community and sport.


C’mon, tell me you don’t have THIS song running through your head right now.

One click. One vote. One torch.

I usually publish my blog posts on Tuesdays. But, you see, this is not a usual week.

I was just notified that I’m one of twelve finalists nominated to carry the Pan Am torch as it makes its run through Burlington this Summer, en route to Toronto for the 2015 Pan Am Games.  I can’t think of a cooler opportunity.  My friend and neighbour, Marnie, sent in a nomination unbeknownst to me, and here I am, excited about the impossible becoming possible.

Pan Am news is everywhere in the GTA.  Commercials abound, billboards are popping up, and the buzz is growing.  This is kind of a big deal.  Toronto 2015 is only the third time in 85 years that these International Games have been held on Canadian soil.  Right in our own backyard.

And it’s exactly the type of thing I love.  I’ve been to the World Track & Field Championships, three World Junior Hockey Championships, and a College Bowl game.  I’ve cheered at more NHL, CFL, MLB, NBA, NLL, and MLS games than I can count.  I plan family outings around sporting events, I time my holidays around races, and I nearly knocked over Mike Weir on the fairway of a PGA event (true story).  I am a sports-based chiropractor, I married a Phys Ed teacher, and my kids know that fitness is a part of life.  I believe that grassroots minor sports are windows of opportunity, growth, and dreams. I live and breathe this stuff, it’s what makes me tick, it’s what makes me me.  Passion?  Nope.  It’s more than that.

Sport is community.  Sport is health.  Sport is important life lessons all rolled up and condensed onto a playing field.

I’m a fan.  I’m an athlete.  I’m a mom raising fans and athletes.

So I am turning to you, my community.  I am hoping for your support, asking for your help, tugging at your heart strings, requesting your vote.  One click.  One vote.  One torch.

Please VOTE here:

With my humble thanks,


Torch Relay Celebration Community