I’m Burlington’s Pan Am Community Torchbearer!

Um….. I WAS VOTED BURLINGTON’S PAN AM COMMUNITY TORCHBEARER!  I have held in this secret for two very loooooong months.  I found out about this result soon after voting closed in late January, but I wasn’t able to share the news with anyone until the Pan Am Games made their official announcement, which they did last week.

Believe me, this was a hard secret to keep.

The torch will pass through Burlington on Friday, June 19th, although I don’t know many more details than that.  This is what I do know:

Where:  Spencer Smith Park; this also happens to be the Sound of Music Festival weekend.
Length of run:  200m (and here I was hoping for a 5k! Ha!)
And:  Burlington is listed as one of Pan Am’s “Major Celebration cities.”

So to you, my readers, my patients, my family, my friends:  I thank you for granting me this incredible opportunity. And to you, Marnie, my friend, my neighbour, my nominator, thank you for igniting the spark for all of this to happen.

Mark June 19th on your calendars.

And come join me along the torch route as we celebrate the Pan Am spirit of community and sport.


C’mon, tell me you don’t have THIS song running through your head right now.

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