What I Learned on My Maternity Leave

I am going back to work on Monday August 20th, and with this date quickly approaching, I have started to reflect on all that’s happened in the last six months.  I had originally planned on taking three or four months off following the birth of my daughter; being self-employed has some practical and financial limitations for maternity leaves.  As that deadline came and went, however, I just didn’t feel ‘ready’ to go back.  She still had more to teach me.  This is what I learned:

  • I learned that no matter how uncomfortable and anxious I was to meet her, she wasn’t ready until six days after her official due date.  She taught me patience.
  • I learned that I was able to fall in love with her deeply and immediately, as I did with her brother when he was born three years ago.  She taught me unconditional love.
  • I learned that I don’t need to second-guess my maternal instincts and intuition.  She taught me confidence.
  • I learned that seeing my children laugh together gives me a feeling of complete happiness.  She taught me joy.
  • I learned that I’m the first one she looks to for comfort, acceptance, and approval.  She taught me loyalty.
  • I learned that if I do not succeed at a new skill, I need to keep trying.  She taught me perseverance.
  • I learned that many of her needs can be met with a simple cuddle.  She taught me compassion.
  • I learned that seeing my son meet his baby sister for the first time was easily the most astounding moment of my life.  She taught me about miracles.

So as I return to work, I will keep these lessons in mind.  And I will continue to learn.

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