People and Memories and Love

Happy-Friendship-day-2013It was Friendship Day at the beginning of August and Best Friends Day in June.  Yes, you read that right.  But in amongst the busy-ness of our lives, friendship can fall by the wayside…. if we let it.

Dear Friend:

I know you are busy, I’m busy too.  I know that life is crazy and that schedules are hectic and that work is nuts.

To my overwhelmed, overworked friend: I can see that you’re struggling.  Let me help.  Talk to me.  Can we meet for a coffee?  Can we go for a walk?  Can we get our kids together and watch their innocent enjoyment of life?  Their oblivious fun?  Their unapologetic laughter?

Remember that time before careers and mortgage payments and children?  Remember feeling carefree?  And content?  And full of hope and excitement?  That’s the friend I remember.

Friendship needs two people to work, for one-way streets only lead to dead ends.  Where have you gone Friend?  Come back before it’s too late.  Come back before more time goes by and you look back and wonder where that time has gone by to.  That time is right in front of you now- today is here.

Think big picture, not small picture.  Don’t get caught up in the minutiae of life.  The big picture is people and memories and love. 

This advice may be unsolicited, Friend, and perhaps even unwanted.  It may be shunned and overlooked and ignored.  But it needs to be said, because I miss you Friend.  I really do.  And actions speak louder than words.  A phone call speaks louder than Facebook and Twitter, and yes, even a Blog.

Let’s talk.  Because I miss you Friend.  I really do.

With love from,

Your Friend.

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