6:00 AM


So, you see, I am a morning person.

In Junior High, I was that kid who would wake up 20 minutes early to run around the block before school.  In High School, I would bike over to the track to run intervals at the crack of dawn.  In University and during my post-graduate schooling, I had been known to get up before 5am to get in a long run…. are you seeing a pattern?  It seems only natural that 6am would become my preferred gym time when I started at Crossfit Altitude nearly four years ago.

As such, I have been a regular member of the morning crew since January 2010.  That’s 3 years and 8 months, minus a 2-month break for my second baby.  If I’ve averaged three 6am’s per week, that’s 588 are-you-crazy-to-be-getting-up-that-early-WODs (Crossfit lingo for workout-of-the-day).  Instead of the usual 7am wakeup by my children at home, I drag myself out of bed at 5:30am while my house is still silent, and trade 90 minutes of blissful sleep for 60 minutes of sweat and camaraderie, effort and determination, accomplishment and improvement.  

Back in 2010, the morning crew was sparse.  There was a regular group of three or four of us, and a busy day was five or six.  It is now a regular occurrence to have more than 15 people already well into their warmup at 5:55am.  Amazing.  My husband caught on to the morning-crew adrenaline a couple of years ago, when pregnancy nausea kept me in bed, and now he’s hooked as well… in fact, it’s become a battle in our house to see who gets that before-the-dawn spot.

The buzz surrounding the 6am class has grown.  People are giving it a try.  Usual evening gym-goers are coming to see what all the hype is about, what the people are about, what it’s like to start your day on such a high.

You think you can’t get out of bed?  You can.  You think we like getting up in the dark of the pre-dawn and the cold of the Winter?  We don’t.  But we do it anyway.  And you can too.  

Give it a try.

Come join us.

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