What-Shall-We-Do-Today Mornings

I will be expanding my practice to
include MORNING appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
effective Thursday, September 18th.


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For more than five and a half years, I haven’t had to rush out of the house, amidst the madness of a morning routine.  You see, I’ve been very lucky to be able to manipulate my work schedule around the needs of family life.  And with young children, those needs have involved me at home every morning.

I don’t want you to get the impression that my mornings are wide open, because they most definitely are not.  We always spend mornings out of the house and on-the-go, going about the daily ritual of teaching, building, and growing little minds and little bodies.  We’ve done dozens upon dozens of registered programs over the years, and hundreds of playdates, playgrounds, and trips to the library.  We’ve done Nursery School, swimming, skating, and story-times.  We’ve done Early Years drop-ins, indoor playgrounds, and trips to the mall.  We’ve done more day trips than I can count and more overnights than the norm, but we’ve never had a daily early morning deadline.  No rushing kids through breakfast, no frantic searches for shoes and water bottles, no we-need-to-leave-five-minutes-agos.  Until now.

Gone are the days of the pyjama-lounging, coffee-drinking, what-shall-we-do-today mornings.  For nearly six years, this has been our luxury.  But that all changes this week, as my son begins full-day Senior Kindergarten and my daughter starts Nursery School twice a week.  Morning routines will begin.  Clock-watching will start.  I may even have to (gasp!) wake my children up.

I’m sure we will manage.  I’m sure we will find our ‘new normal’.  I’m sure we will scramble through September, only to find that October comes quickly.  And soon, very soon after that, I will look back at September 2nd and not be so scared.


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