Here’s a Picture of a Shaved Llama

I’ve got writer’s block
Nothing’s coming to me,
So a poem you will get
With a cadence of three.

I’m not sure what to write,
What to say, what to mention,
When there’s so much to say
But a bit of apprehension.

This blog is professional,
Part of my job you might say,
So I’m a bit censored
With my opinions today.

There’s much I could tell you
About Harper and such,
But if I go down that road
It might be a bit much.

And with kids in the media
Being killed by a drunk,
My rage is turned up and
My filter debunk.

So I have to be careful
About saying too much.
It is for this reason
A private blog may be clutch.

A place I could vent
One hundred percent truth,
To know it was me,
Well, you’d have to sleuth.

But that’s not the case,
Only one blog have I,
So from me this week,
These words are my try.

I do have a list
Of all-drafted posts,
And yet none grabbed a hold
And moved me the most.

But you’ve seen a few poems
From me over the years;
There was one right here
And one to say cheers.

But this week, I’m empty,
My creativity gone,
And I find from a poem
An idea may spawn.

Stay tuned for next week,
It may be something quite foul,
Or perhaps I’ll just show you
What’s making me howl:


Thanks for reading along,
My nearly 400 words.
Your brain might be fried,
Your eyes nearly blurred.

If you’ve been here from the start,
In 2012 May,
You’ll know that I’ve published
Every single Tuesday.

That’s 178 times
I’ve shared things with you,
And I so appreciate
That you’ve been here too.

I’ve gone from just a few readers
To five hundred a week.
I love the input you give,
And even the critique.

I write about what’s important,
At least in my mind,
And there’s no more authentic
A blog you will find.

Except for that private one
Mentioned above,
And that one, my friends,
Will stay hidden, sort of…..

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