The Blogs of 2013

I’ve been trying to think up a post just for you.
I’ve been wracking my brain and my mind ’til I’m blue.
It’s not that original, but perhaps have a screen:
I call this ‘The Blogs of 2013’.

I wrote about wheat, teens, and Crossfit of course,
About Tara and Jenny and housecleaning remorse.
Resolutions and friends and raising a kid,
JK and Father’s Day and the Tough Mudder I did.

My ‘I am a Chiropractor‘ post, wow, was it shared,
I got 5000 reads and some tense web-based glares.
I rowed a half-marathon, I got a new dog,
Momstown reached out and I began to Guest Blog.

I went to a conference, I talked about time,
I can’t find a word to make ‘stereotype‘ rhyme.
I told you about the garbage man and my Summer of fun,
About Phoenix and kid’s menus and loving to run.

A ‘Millionaire’s Family‘, a 6am crew,
Social media, over-gifting, and a topic taboo.
A thank-you to patients, a birthday just passed,
A statement on polish, and please call me ‘Ash‘.

My emotions were pouring when the flood got a post,
But to see what we raised floored me the most.
I talked about babysitting and Sunday at 3,
About my new clinic and about pregnancy.

But the reason I do it, and what I love the most,
Is to see the power I can have with one single post.
I know that you’re reading, the stats show me it’s true,
I hope that you see that I appreciate you too.

So please, keep on reading, and give me feedback,
My blog, it is growing, and I think it’s on track.
It’s my words from the heart and authentically me,
And that really is what I hope you can see.


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8 thoughts on “The Blogs of 2013

  1. Michaela

    Awesome recap of your year. It has been awesome to see the ripple effects of your open, honest sharing. Love your blog Ash and many others tell me they do too. xx Happy New Year to you and your sweeties xx

  2. Erick & Carol Landmark

    So, Ash, you can add ‘Poet’ to your resume!!!!!!!!! Pretty much sums up your bloging year, when did you find time to write that?!

    Was such fun to see you guys! The kids have changed so much, Drew’s ‘looks’ never do much, but he is certainly maturing! Quite the ‘little man’ now! Casey, of course, is at the age where we see such a difference! She looks so cute, sucking on her 2 fingers! Quite a mixture of the two of you, as is Drew. We really Enjoyed the short day!!!!!!!!!! It’s been snowing all nite and still is. Quite a winter, again. Tomorrow I’m having friends in for your Mom’s ‘Sticky Ribs’, must clean the snow off the b’bque.

    Happy New Year, wishing you a Fun Year with the kids in 2014!!

    xo, Auntie Carol, Uncle Erick

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