Movement is Medicine

health pic

My friends.  Fitness is not a short journey.  Fitness is a daily choice.  And fitness is a very large, very important component of health.  I saw the above graphic on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and it really got me thinking; and from thinking comes blogging.

So here we go.

While the above information is American-based, I would guess that it likely applies to the Canadian population as well.  And although ‘The Huffington Post’ is not exactly an evidence-based journal, I would venture to say that the above stats are well within the ballpark of truth.

The Public Health Agency of Canada released new physical activity guidelines in 2011; they recommend 2.5 hours per week of activity for adults, “focusing on moderate to vigorous aerobic activity” and incorporating activities that “target your muscles and bones.”  This is only 21 minutes per day.  I’ve already blogged and complained about their guidelines being drastically low for children, so today I’m going to say the same for adults.  Following these activity recommendations are like following the Canada Food Guide for nutritional guidance; the research has changed and so should your views.

I believe in fitness.  It’s a big part of who I am, and a big part of what I enjoy.  So it’s hard for me not to stand on a soapbox and preach about this topic.  Forgive me for ranting and raving….. such is an element of passion, and passion for this topic I have.  Fitness changes everything from your quality of life to your functional abilities to your life expectancy.  I’m not going to tell you to park your car further away from the mall entrance or to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  I’m not, because you need to do more than that.

I promise that if you do not move your body now, while you can, you will not be able to move your body later, when you want to.

Soapbox away, rant over.


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