A Wrapping Cabinet

I have a wrapping cabinet.  And it brings me so much joy.

What’s a wrapping cabinet, you ask?  Well, a wrapping cabinet is just that; a cabinet that houses gift-wrapping supplies.  My wrapping cabinet has a hanging shelf for giftbags of various sizes and occasion, coloured tissue paper, ribbons and bows, and enough space for several rolls of wrapping paper to stand.  It’s in our basement,  in the corner of the room, with a large, open area of carpet beneath it.  I have boxes of greeting cards, gift tags for every holiday, and even bacon-printed wrapping paper.bacon-wrapping-paper-3736-1287950355-58

These supplies are things that I’ve accumulated over the years, and yes, I am that person that folds all the tissue paper that comes with the gift bags I receive at Christmas and birthdays, and re-uses it again, wrinkles and all.  I am nothing if not ecologically thrifty.  But the part I love the most about my wrapping cabinet, the part that brings me the most joy, are the thoughts I have about the person for whom the gift is for.  I value my relationships above most other things, and I find giving to be a great way to outwardly express my love for the people in my life.

Now, I’m certainly not talking about spending wads of money and being extravagant and excessive.  I’m talking about sending the perfect card for the perfect occasion or finding the perfect offering for the perfect person.  I take great pride in gift-giving and card-writing, and often buy things months in advance, knowing they will make the eventual recipient very happy.  I’ve been known to mail care packages halfway around the world, spend more on shipping than the gift itself, and send birthday cards week ahead of time.  It’s the act of giving, the thoughts behind giving, and the emotion involved in giving that makes me so happy.

I love to sit in front of my wrapping cabinet with a cup of coffee and a pen, and find the words to convey my thoughts onto a 5×7 birthday card.  And I’m definitely better at communicating through the written word than I am the spoken word (hence this blog), so perhaps that’s why I love it so much.  I’m able to say what I really mean, and channel the strength of my emotions.

Wrapping cabinets are good for the soul.  Trust me on this one.



3 thoughts on “A Wrapping Cabinet

  1. Erick Landmark

    Totally agree, Ashley, only, mine’s a huge bag, plus a large box/file of cards. I also buy whenever I see something (card) for a certain person, even almost a year ahead, Fun! xo, Auntie C.

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