Worobec Beach

Did you know that it was Burlington Green’s Community Clean Up Green Up Day this past weekend?  I’m asking because I was only made aware of this wonderful event a couple of years ago.  It’s now an annual tradition for our family, and one that I treasure for so many reasons.

Every year around Earth Day, the valuable Burlington Green committee sets up an online registry whereby residents can choose an area of the city to focus their cleanup efforts, or join a larger group effort, of which many neighbourhoods plan in advance.  The City even provides cleanup supplies and disposes of waste items collected.  There is a celebratory BBQ afterwards and a compilation of cleanup pictures distributed at a later date.

Last year, we chose to clean up the ravine that was directly behind our house. In a matter of a couple of hours, we had pulled four drum-liner garbage bags of waste from the ravine and its stream.  I was amazed at what a clear impact we made in such a short time and impressed with the impression it made on my kids.  This year, in a new house and new surroundings, we decided to choose a place near and dear to our hearts; we chose “Worobec beach.”  Now, you will not find the name Worobec Beach on any official maps, but we’ve found a small secluded stretch of the Lake Ontario shoreline only a 10-minute bike ride from home, and made it our namesake.  It’s our little treasure in the city, our happy place.

We spent about an hour at Worobec Beach, wearing rubber boots and work gloves, combing through things that had washed up onshore and things that had blown in from the park or the road.  We picked in between the boulders that lined the shoreline, and the trees that give Worobec Beach its secluded privacy.  Although not as garbage-riddled as last year’s ravine cleanup, we did manage to fill one garbage bag right to the brim, mostly with plastic bottle tops, straws, and empty beer bottles.

We made a difference.  My kids saw the obvious implications of their hard work.  They learned about their environment, contributing to their community, and the value of working together.  All while basking in the sunshine and their parent’s pride.

I encourage you to sign yourself up for Burlington Green’s Eco-News so that you don’t miss this valuable event next year.


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