I’ve been in Washington, DC, for the last three days, visiting my best friend Sarah.  We have been friends for twenty-five years now, through thick and thin, and she’s just had her second baby boy.  I travelled to DC solo, to have a few uninterrupted days to get to know him and to catch up with her.  

This is what I learned:

Friendships, true friendships, survive distance and time.  

They survive cross-country moves, broken hearts, the pressures of grad school, and the stress of new jobs. They survive marriages and babies and practices and renovations.  They pick up where they left off whenever and wherever an opportunity presents.

And that’s what we’ve done.  For twelve years together and thirteen years apart, we’ve laughed and cried and laughed some more.  

This weekend, we talked about how we never imagined our futures like this. Our teenage minds could never have dreamt of these busy, loving, fulfilled lives we live, and they certainly didn’t dream of raising our babies five hundred miles and a country apart.  Yet, here we are. So although we can’t have dinner together on Sunday nights or see our kids play in the backyard as a pack of four, we can do these things sometimes.  Some is better than none, and once-in-awhile beats never.

So, sometimes, it will be.


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