The Social Media Powerhouse

Oh, the power of Social Media…. I have been witness to this over the past few days.

I wrote a blog post called ‘I am a Chiropractor‘ more than a year ago, and this week it was picked up by a couple of Facebook Groups and went viral.  My blog, that usually has a few hundred people reading it each week, got nearly 6000 hits in just three days.  Wordpress provides me with some detailed analytics, and it was interesting to learn that:

  • 86% of the people who read my blog only read that one post.
  • 48% of readers were from Canada, 41% from the United States, and 11% were from all corners of the world.
  • 7 people left comments in the Comments Section.
  • 5 other bloggers ‘Liked’ that post.
  • 3 people signed up to receive email alerts for new blog postings that I publish.
  • 5% of people read the ‘About Me‘ section of my website.
  • 4% of people viewed my Home Page.
  • 13 new people ‘Liked’ my Facebook Page.
  • 4 new people ‘Followed’ me on Twitter.

It was a fun experience from my end, seeing people’s reactions to the words that I wrote, and seeing the cascade of online sharing that began.  In general, the feedback was very positive.  And then this email rolled into the ‘Pending Moderation’ file in the Comments Section and changed the mood:

“Sorry, but you’re not a real doctor, you’re not a “body mechanic”, and chiropractic most certainly isn’t evidence based medicine.”

But here’s another fun part: it’s my blog.  I get to decide the content and comments that are published.  And I chose to mark this one as ‘Spam’.

And now, back to the fun…


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