I Wish We Had Done This Years Ago

The hot tub we purchased this past Fall has become a major feature in our lives as of late.  And since the mandate of my blog is to “talk about things that are important to me” and “be a source of information and opinion on the adventures of health, fitness, and parenthood”, the hot tub qualifies.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to write about it without coming across like a used-car salesman- but that seems to be the only way:


Are you a hot tub person?  It seems you either “are” or you “aren’t”, and up until this Fall I was definitely “aren’t”.  But that’s all changed…. and since I’m a ‘convincer‘ by nature, let me tell you why:

  • It gives my husband and I nightly unplugged, distraction-free, catch-up-on-the-day time.  When we were considering this purchase, a friend told me that “many family talks will take place there”; she was right.  With young children, and date nights that are few-and-far-between, this gives us a great chance to “escape” into our backyard.
  • Our kids love it.  We bundle them up in their fuzzy robes and winter boots and make the trek down to the hot tub every weekend.  They like to change the colour of the lights and turn on the waterfall feature….. but mostly they like to snuggle in and enjoy the warmth and the fresh air.  Quality.  Family.  Time.
  • Recovery!  After a tough Crossfit workout or a long run, nothing beats the hot tub for loosening muscles up and helping you sleep.

My husband has been trying to persuade me on a hot tub for years.  I was worried about the maintenance (virtually none), the monthly cost (very affordable, as hot tubs are very energy-efficient now), and the safety (a lockable cover)- all of which are non-issues now.  In fact, I wish we had done this years ago.

So perhaps the message of this post isn’t to sell you on hot tubs, but rather to sell you on quality time.  And doing-it-now.  And going-for-it.  And you-only-live-once.

making memories quote

*** Thanks to our friend Jay Pritchard from Boldt Pools & Spas for all of his hot tub help!

7 thoughts on “I Wish We Had Done This Years Ago

  1. Shannon

    I had to convince my husband to get a hot tubas well but it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made. It has helped me recover from injury, eases my sore muscles after workouts, been the back drop of our family Christmas card AND has been a wonderful place for my hubby and I to enjoy each others company and catch up…..In the summer we turn the heat down and make it a dipping pool and it’s wonderful. Welcome to the hot tub club

  2. Debbie OBrien

    Our loving 14 year old hot tub is barely making it through this winter. Will hate to loose it. Thanks for the recommendation. So glad the family is enjoying it.

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