What’s the Point?

I’ve been invited to be a Panelist at the Canadian Chiropractor Business and Professional Growth Forum at McMaster University in June.  The panel discussion will be surrounding Social Media and its role as a business tool.  I was asked to participate primarily because of my blog, but I must admit, I feel like a bit of an impostor.

An impostor, because the primary purpose of my blog is not business-building.  Far from it- in fact, it has very much become a hobby, a passion, a creative outlet.  I would be writing this blog whether I was a waitress, a scientist, or a stay-at-home-mom.  I look forward to clicking ‘publish’ every Tuesday morning, and I have a notepad on my bedside table for when ideas wake me up at night.  Certainly it has helped to grow my business, as perhaps it’s made my name come to mind (and to Google) when people think of ‘Burlington’ and ‘chiropractor’, but that’s been a bonus effect rather than the ultimate goal.

I’ve always loved to write, and this blog began nearly two years ago when I was starting my six-month maternity leave with my daughter.  I had been considering my own website, and a blog seemed like a nice way to personalize it and keep it current.  The feedback I received was encouraging, and to my surprise, my readership grew quickly.  A year into it, Momstown asked me to be a Guest Blogger for their National site, and my ‘Letter to My Husband‘ and ‘I Hope you Always‘ posts became #1 and #3 respectively on their 2013 most-read list.  DR.WOROBEC.COM now averages about 2000 readers/month; some posts have hit hot buttons (‘I am a Chiropractor‘) and some have fallen flat (‘6:00 AM‘), but I can genuinely tell you that I’ve been proud of each one.  My writing fills the creative gap in my life that I didn’t even know was missing.

So, like I said initially, I feel like an impostor at the upcoming forum.  But maybe that’s a good kind of panelist to be.  Authentic.  Genuine.  Honest.  I’m what-you-see-is-what-you-get.  Perhaps that’s the point.

Cdn Chiro conf

For interest’s sake:

  • Break the Silence‘ was my most personal post and the only one I’ve questioned publishing.
  • Gifts and Gifts and Gifts, Oh My!’ is my favourite post.
  • The Blogs of 2013‘ was the most fun to write.
  • Most reads in one day: 3190 (‘I am a Chiropractor‘) on Sept 27/2013.
  • I get nasty, rude comments on a post every few months, but I need to ‘approve’ each comment before it’s posted on the site, so you never see them.
  • My husband is my editor.
  • 319 people receive weekly blog post updates by email.  Join them by clicking ‘Follow’ at the bottom of this site.

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