A Moving Story about Moving Bowels

December 23rd.

You might be thinking that I’m going to post a blog about Christmas.  And in years past, you’d be right (‘Merry Christmas‘, ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas‘).  But I received some great news yesterday and I’m going to write about that.  I’ll even call it a Christmas miracle, in keeping with the festive spirit.


This is a story about my newest 3-year-old patient, let’s call him M.  M is a happy, feisty, curious little boy who brings a storm of energy with him wherever he goes.  On his first visit, M’s mom explained to me that he had an anal fissure at 18 months of age, making subsequent bowel movements very painful.  As is often the case with young children, M then became scared to move his bowels, and has suffered with extreme constipation ever since.  M’s mother has tried everything; from medication to diet changes to supplements and more, with no success.  Little M has been battling severe constipation, impacted stool, and obvious discomfort for nearly two years.  She brought M to see me as a last resort.

A wonderful whirlwind of movement and inquisition, M built towers, rode on the hydraulic table, and played with the desk bell and the hand weights, all while being assessed and treated.  Interesting, fun, and quick- that’s my m.o. when I work with children.

I saw M again yesterday, two visits later.  Guess what?  He had three large bowel movements over the weekend.  Three!  None in the more than 18 months prior, and he had three this weekend.

Now, if you’re a parent reading this, you will understand that talking about bowel movements is perfectly normal conversation.  In fact, if you’re a parent of young children, I challenge you to not talk about bowel movements for the next 24 hours.  Seemingly impossible.  And for me, as a mother, a blogger, and a chiropractor who works with children, not talking about M’s bowel movements is most definitely impossible.

I’m an evidence-based practitioner. I love research, I love science, I love proof.  But I love powerful outcomes like this the most.

PS- M's mom admitted to me that her husband didn't initially believe in taking M to a chiropractor.  I'm so glad she convinced him.

PS- M’s mom admitted to me that her husband didn’t initially believe in taking M to a chiropractor. I’m so glad she convinced him.



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