Helping you to Heal Faster

Healing takes time.

Wellness takes time.

Back-to-normal takes time.

Pain is often the last indicator that something is wrong, so by the time you’re feeling sore, your body has already been in injury mode for awhile.

I view my role as helping you to heal faster.  Our bodies are smart, they know what to do to fix themselves, and I don’t claim to know any better; however, it’s my job to nudge things along.  But here’s the deal- you need to play your part and keep your end of the bargain.  Let’s do the math: even if you’re in my office three times per week (which is on the very high side of normal for an injury) you are receiving 1.5 hours of treatment in a 168-hour week.  This means you’re only spending 0.8% of your time with me, and 99.2% of your time without.


I often tell my patients that the more they do at home, the less time they’ll need to spend at the clinic.  YOU are the most important person in your recovery.  From rehab exercises to nutritional changes to activity modification, the decisions you make in the 166.5 hours/week outside the clinic are going to greatly speed or slow your progress.

A few years ago, I wrote a post called ‘I Am a Chiropractor’ that tried to explain what it is that I actually do during the day-ins and day-outs of my practice.  That post was well received by my colleagues and patients alike, and is still my most-read blog post to date.  Today’s post is another attempt at explaining where my priorities as a healthcare professional lie.

I want you to be an active participant in your recovery.

I want to help you heal faster.

We’re in this together.


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