Religion and Politics

I’ve been writing this blog regularly for more than three years now.  And I have yet to write about religion or politics.  The best way to ruin a dinner party?  Talk about religion or politics.  This also applies to blogs.  However, I saw an image floating around online that really made an impression on me, so I thought I’d share it here:

pope francis

I went to church regularly throughout my childhood, my husband is a Catholic schoolteacher, and I certainly believe in a higher power.  But for the last few years I’ve been struggling to actually make it inside a church on a Sunday.  With a young family and the demands of a busy life, carving out a couple of hours on a Sunday morning seems a bit too much to handle.

Sunday mornings are often spent cheering on my husband at his touch football games, going to the gym, or heading out for a family walk in the trails.  They are spent doing things that nurture my spirit, but not within the traditional four walls of a church setting.

I’m a kind person.  I raise my kids to be kind people.  For now, our ‘church’ is our daily life; our friends, our family, our activities, our backyard.  Our church is welcoming to all and nurturing to our hearts and minds.  Our church has music and laughter and love; a whole lotta love.

And it makes me happy.


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