For Mark Freeman

We went to a friend’s 40th birthday party on Saturday night.  He’s a Phys Ed teacher, and it was a costume party- the theme being Phys Ed wear through the ages.  You can imagine the hysterical possibilities.

“Why don’t you ever blog about me?” he asked me.  “Not even a shout-out?”

“You got a shout-out when the Burlington flood happened,” I responded (you can read that here).

“Yah, but that wasn’t about me, that was about the flood,” he said.

Fair point.

So to you, Mark Freeman, I dedicate this entire blog post.  Happy birthday my friend.  Allow me to get sappy:

Mark and his wife Jacquie have become wonderful friends of ours over the last ten years.  They are the kind of people who you can count on.  The kind of people who come through when it really matters.  The kind of people who offer to help you move, who pop by unannounced for an afternoon visit, who bring you fuzzy pajamas and cozy slippers when you’re strugging the most (true story).

We love you, Mark Freeman, and we hope you had a great birthday party.  Wishing you many, many more years of health and happiness!

Now how’s that for a shout-out?!


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