Mr. M

Sometimes my blog posts reach far and wide.  Sometimes they fall flat.  Sometimes I have thousands of readers per day.  Sometimes I have none.  Sometimes I pour my heart and soul into my words.  Sometimes I lack inspiration and struggle to write.  Sometimes people message me to say how much they loved what they read, how it made them think, how it made them feel, how they can relate.  Those are the best posts, the best days in blog-land.

Another best-day happened the other day, this one in real life.  I was treating a long-time patient.  This patient has been with me from day one, ten years ago when my practice first began and I was new to Burlington.  This patient, let’s call him “Mr. M,” is in his late 60s and we first met when he was a member of the full marathon clinic I instructed at the Running Room.  We ran many miles together, and all the while I yickety-yacked his ear off.  (Note: if you want to get to know me, either read my blog or run with me; I’ll spill my guts.)  He has young grandchildren, similar in ages to my kids, and we often trade stories about the colourful personalities of four-year-old girls.

I’ve mentioned that it’s the “people part” of my job that I love the most, and Mr. M is one of those people that makes me happy to come into work.  Last week we were mid-treatment, when he mentioned that he’d recently been on my website and read my ‘Blizzards and Accomplishments‘ post.  “Ashley,” he said, “Your daughter is very lucky to have you, and I feel very lucky to know you.”  Then, in true gruff Mr. M fashion, he added, “And I’m not sucking up, because I don’t do that.”

Now let me tell you, that comment made my day.  I smiled all afternoon, and it still makes me smile when I recall it.  My challenge now is to pay it forward, to pass along the kindness, to make others feel as good as I did then.  It’s very easy to think positive thoughts, but our thoughts have more power if we let them out, and the most power when we share them.

That’s been my own personal improvement challenge as of late: to say out loud the positive thoughts that I’m thinking inside my head.  To spread the niceness, give some energy, generate some love.  I hope you’ll join me.

And Mr. M, I feel lucky to know you too.


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7 thoughts on “Mr. M

  1. Erick Landmark

    Yes, Ashley, I totally agree with Mr. M., Your kids are Very Lucky to have you and Chris for parents, you Two ‘give it your All’ and have fun doing it!! And now you’re preparing for Casey’s b’day party, what fun that will be! Not to mention, ‘events’ happening in the near future, how exciting for all of you!!

    By the way, did you ever buy that map for the dining room?

    Will ‘talk’ again soon, xo, Auntie C.

  2. Mr. M.

    Afternoon Ashley: Mr. M. who stays away from all of the Black Magic stuff, is now on the Black magic stuff. Thank you for your kind words. I did enjoy run with you for all those km years ago. We should do it again.

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