Current Recommendations

Recommended1People ask me all the time for recommendations; stretches, supplements, books, you name it. My recommendations change often, based on research I’ve read, things I’ve tried, experiences I’ve gained.  So, based on many conversations I’ve had in my treatment rooms over the past few months, I’ve compiled (curated? gathered? collected?) some of my current favourite things for you here.  These are all based on my opinion and personal preference only; let me know if you agree with my choices!

Daily supplements:

Post-workout/recovery drinks:

Energy Gels:

Pillows and Mattresses:


Recipe Ideas:

Random favourite things:

  • Cozi (an online, shared, colour-coded calendar)
  • Vitamix (smoothies and almond butter and riced cauliflower, oh my!)
  • Costco (need I say more?)
  • Air Bnb (my go-to site for travel accommodations)
  • StubHub (last-minute tickets)

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