“Do you Adjust Children?”

***This was originally written as a Guest Blog post for Momstown.ca.***

I got asked this question at the gym the other day.  Someone I barely knew, stopped me mid-warmup to ask, “you’re a chiropractor, right?  Do you adjust children?”  And I guess that’s a fair question.  But my “yes I am and yes I do” response was met with a skeptical “wow, I can’t believe that people do that.”  Hmmmm, now how to respond?

I guess I could’ve said that chiropractors are neuro-musculoskeletal (NMSK) specialists; NMSK means nerves, muscles, and joints.  That we’re primary healthcare providers.  That we can diagnose.  That we’ve got 7+ years of post-secondary education.  But that’s too “wordy” for casual conversation.

I could’ve said that I have two young children and regularly check their spines and adjust them as necessary.  Or that they both received their first adjustments within hours of their births.  Or that my son’s neck was so restricted that he would only nurse on one side pre-adjustment.  Or that a lower back/pelvic adjustment is the best laxative I’ve found for them.  Or that my kids “play chiropractor.”  Nah, too “mommy.”

I could’ve said that the birth process is pretty intense and can be traumatic on tiny spines.  I could’ve said that I’ve seen incredible results with colic, constipation, and congenital torticollis in my practice.  I could’ve said that children respond remarkably well and exceptionally fast to treatment.  I could’ve said that we get our children’s teeth, eyes, and ears checked, so why not their spines too?  No, too “clinical”.

I could’ve said that I’ve taken extensive post-graduate studies in pediatric care.  Or that the research supports chiropractic treatment in the pediatric population.  Or that I am thoroughly confident in the safety of everything I do and I must “first, do no harm”.  Nope, too “academic”.

Instead, I said “yes, people do that.  We all do what we think is best for our children.”  Then I finished my workout….. and went home to adjust my kids.


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