Burlington’s “BEST” Chiropractor

Monday, February 2nd, 2015.  Groundhog Day.  Ontario’s Wiarton Willie did not see his shadow; an early Spring, if you’re keeping track.

As I write this, Burlington is in the midst of a snow day.  The City has essentially shut down, as all the schools and municipal buildings are closed and the plows are busy clearing the 35cm that fell quietly last night.  We even declared a snow day at Burlington Sports & Spine Clinic, not something we take lightly; the parking lot hadn’t been cleared, roads were treacherous, and more snow was predicted to fall.  Winter is here and making its presence known.  Mother Nature, you continue to impress.

I’m sitting with a cup of coffee in front of the computer (flavoured with coconut cream and Stevia, as per the Whole Life Challenge guidelines that I’m following for eight weeks.  Please, sob, can I just have a tiny bit of cream and sugar?)  My six-year-old has the stomach flu, and my mama-senses are heightened and alert.  This computer break is intermingled with forehead checks, cool, damp cloths, and worry.  My two-year-old is content with making Valentines playing keep-up with a balloon.  I am feeling blessed and grateful for this extra day.

But my reason for this post is to write about Burlington’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards.  You all rallied around me in my bid to become the community torchbearer for the Pan Am Games, and I’m asking for your support again (as an aside, Pan Am makes their official torchbearer announcement on March 23rd).  I have been nominated in the “Best Chiropractor” category.  This is the first time in my nine year career that this has happened, and the nomination fills me with honour, flattery, and a whole lot of humility.  You see, the word “Best” is a hard one to place upon yourself, isn’t it?

Then I watched the Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign commercial.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can watch it here.

This is Always’ official statement:

  • Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence.  We’re kicking off an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.

So, with that, I shed the discomfort and lingering uneasiness of calling myself the best.  I am the best that I can be.

I am the best wife I can be.

I am the best mother I can be.

I am the best friend I can be.

And, guess what, I am the best chiropractor I can be.



Please VOTE in the “Best Chiropractor” category under the “Best People” menu.

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