Year in Review: 2014

WordPress (the site that hosts my blog) sends me an annual report every year.  This is the third year for my website and I thought I’d share the report with you, so you can see how my readership has grown and some highlights from my year online.

And PS: when I was searching for images to go with this post, I came across this one.  How can I not post it?


I hope you enjoy my year in review.


Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 18,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Halfway through 2014

Yes, it’s true.  When the end of June comes, the year will be half over.  Think back to six months ago….. January 1st, 2014….. did you make any resolutions?  Goals?  Promises?  I did, and I’m not usually the resolution type.  But with Summer approaching and school’s end upon us, I thought I’d take a look at my 2014 report card:

Resolution #1:  Floss nightly.

Sounds simple, right?  But for some reason, I cannot seem to remember to add in this two-minute undertaking every night.  I can remember two children’s bath/book/bed routines, my myriad of supplements, and every other household organizational task, but flossing takes a backseat in my brain.  However, I am doing much better, and now I probably remember more often than I forget.
Grade: B-

Resolution #2:  Meal plan weekly.

I make a plan on Fridays and my husband grocery shops on Saturdays.  Boom, done.  The grease board on our fridge has become our weekly menu, which is far different than the almost-daily trips to the grocery store that we used to make.  Not only has this saved money, but it’s also saved time and stopped the what’s-for-dinner stress.  This has been a game-changer.
Grade: A+

Resolution #3:  Follow this ’52 Week Money Challenge’:


The concept is simple- make a small weekly cash deposit and end up with $1378 at the end of the year.  The only downfall for me is that I rarely carry cash, so many weeks I don’t have the physical cash on me to contribute to this goal, and I end up making a lump-sum deposit once I remember.  Now, I suppose I could set this up online so that money is e-transferred into a ’52-week savings jar’, but it’s more fun to see a little jar of cash on the bookshelf.  Ironically, it’s cash that I end up borrowing from when I don’t have any cash on hand…
Grade: B+

Overall, I’m not doing too bad.  I’m not on the New-Year’s-Resolution Honours list, but I’ve improved.  And isn’t that the whole point?  What were your resolutions?



The Blogs of 2013

I’ve been trying to think up a post just for you.
I’ve been wracking my brain and my mind ’til I’m blue.
It’s not that original, but perhaps have a screen:
I call this ‘The Blogs of 2013’.

I wrote about wheat, teens, and Crossfit of course,
About Tara and Jenny and housecleaning remorse.
Resolutions and friends and raising a kid,
JK and Father’s Day and the Tough Mudder I did.

My ‘I am a Chiropractor‘ post, wow, was it shared,
I got 5000 reads and some tense web-based glares.
I rowed a half-marathon, I got a new dog,
Momstown reached out and I began to Guest Blog.

I went to a conference, I talked about time,
I can’t find a word to make ‘stereotype‘ rhyme.
I told you about the garbage man and my Summer of fun,
About Phoenix and kid’s menus and loving to run.

A ‘Millionaire’s Family‘, a 6am crew,
Social media, over-gifting, and a topic taboo.
A thank-you to patients, a birthday just passed,
A statement on polish, and please call me ‘Ash‘.

My emotions were pouring when the flood got a post,
But to see what we raised floored me the most.
I talked about babysitting and Sunday at 3,
About my new clinic and about pregnancy.

But the reason I do it, and what I love the most,
Is to see the power I can have with one single post.
I know that you’re reading, the stats show me it’s true,
I hope that you see that I appreciate you too.

So please, keep on reading, and give me feedback,
My blog, it is growing, and I think it’s on track.
It’s my words from the heart and authentically me,
And that really is what I hope you can see.


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